About Me

The art of my jewelry results from a lifetime of observation, imagination, and education. When I look at a finished piece of jewelry, I see many things from my life as far back as my childhood; the glitter of color in a raindrop on the car window as the car moves through town, the frayed edge of the hem of my dress, the beautiful greens in spring fields against the brown soil, the backside of my sister’s embroidery, the subtle images in painted china dishes used at Thanksgiving, the blues and yellows in glistening icicles, the shadow pattern of a broken window on the wall of my bedroom. my many gardens, the sun shining on the stones at the bottom of the stream. What beauty there is around us.

My bachelor’s degree explored fiberarts and ceramics, which drew me into a masters program in Japanese art to study ancient textile techniques and ceramics. I am especially grateful to the artisans discovered in Japanese Art. They always encourage my own creativity. I was a weaver for many years, which made weaving with beads a natural progression and jewelry became my artistic home when the fascination of using a mix of tiny components together was satisfied.

Thank you Vermont, Japan, and Elizabeth.